It is not because things are difficult
that we do not dare;
it is because we do not dare that they
are difficult.”


Reaching the goal ...The thought of blogging made me feel as though I was about to fall off a cliff. Who was going to catch me if I fell?

Thankfully, some years earlier I had been introduced to The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and knew mistakes are necessary! Stumbles are normal! Mostly, though, the program taught me to dare to begin by taking baby steps.

Getting into a creative groove takes time.

The Internet has step-by-step technical information on how to set up websites and how to choose a blogging platform. There are lists of other resources to further your learning. They’re all extremely helpful, but they’re also often overwhelming.

Instead of jumping into the deep and and struggling, break the process of creating a blog down into manageable chunks. Bring your ideas to life by giving the concept for your blog a name.

I don’t wait for moods.
You accomplish nothing if you do that.
Your mind must know it has got
to get down to work.

Pearl S. Buck

Naming your blog

I’m taking a creative stance and not digressing into marketing strategies, but remember:

  • A name speaks volumes – not just about you as a blogger. The name also sets the reader’s expectations.
  • To ensure you are not passing off and infringing other trademarks.

A great tool for the naming process comes from creative writing: the second stage of revision, when the writer is encouraged to stew, which is “carry around the story in their mind without consciously reflecting on it”.

For example, I wanted to blog because I was going to walk the Camino Way. I also wanted to incorporate photography, poetry, travel and art into my blog. Using magazines for inspiration, I scribbled words that described my blog on a giant piece of paper.

During the stewing process I started thinking about how motels deliver lots of information to travellers, in a compendium. Bringing all my elements took research (including a dictionary) but finally I found the word artful.

Another method is to find a muse. Mine was The Collective magazine. Lisa Messenger, founder and editor-in-chief at The Collective, also had a naming crisis. The magazine’s first issue went to print with the messenger COLLECTIVE masthead, trademark pending. The name was subsequently challenged. Rather than enter into a struggle over a name, Lisa decided to let go of that vision and settle for a new and inspiring name — Renegade Collective.

Once you’ve settled on a name, check to see if it is available. GoDaddy offers free searches. It’s a good idea to check the availability of the name on social media platforms. Why? It’s always cheaper and easier to acquire naming rights up-front than years down the track, especially if your blog has become successful.

Next in the series: Finding the right look (theme) for your blog.

Anthea Noonan Wade

Storyteller. Owner and Writer at The Artful

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