There’s so much written about writing and blogging on the web that it’s hard to keep up with all, or even some, of it. Instead, I’ve sifted through a number of sources to find some of the best posts from the last few weeks.

Here are links to 10 blog post that can help you improve your blogging and your writing. I hope you find them useful.

Wondering how you can make your writing more concise and readable? One way to do that is to use an online readability calculator.

There are still people, believe it or not, who think that their business doesn’t need a blog. Are they wrong! Here are 9 reasons your startup needs a blog.

And, no, starting a blog for your business isn’t that difficult. Here’s some great advice that can help you do just that.

Everyone who blogs wants to be a better writer. You can take a big step towards reaching that goal by cutting 7 words from your writing.

You can also give these 4 ways to improve your writing a shot.

If you find that writing a blog post takes longer than it should, you’ll want to read these 6 tips for writing good content faster.

This advice can also help you write good blog posts (or anything else) faster.

And if you can’t carve out time during the day to write, then you’ll want to take a peek at 6 ways to make time for writing in your busy schedule.

Is your blog stuck in a rut? Are you churning out the same kinds of posts over and over again? Then think about trying one of these 3 proven content types your blog actually needs.

Do people want to read your posts? If you’re not sure, then these 5 tips for writing a blog people actually want to read will come in handy.

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