There’s so much written about writing and blogging on the web that it’s hard to keep up with all, or even some, of it. Instead, I’ve sifted through a number of sources to find some of the best posts from the last few weeks.

Here are links to 10 blog post that can help you improve your blogging and your writing. I hope you find them useful.

Is there a perfect length for paragraphs on the web? Is there a perfect paragraph length for the web? Read this article and find out.

If you want to learn to write better, then try adopting these 10 uncommon writing habits.

And when you’re done there, learn how to write more readable blog posts.

Many bloggers want to write a book. They’ve got a lot of raw material, which they can turn into a book that publishers will love.

It only takes 10 minutes a day to improve your writing and creativity.

A top niche blogger shares his 6 life lessons gleaned from 6 years as a blogger.

Social media is essential, no matter what you write. But when should you start building a social media network?

A picture is worth a thousand words, and you can learn how to turn your blog posts into visual content.

Is your content worth sharing? Here’s some advice on how to make it worth sharing.

Writing a series can be a great way to keep blog post ideas coming.

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