Here are a few resources that can help you take your blogging to the next level.

Free Stock Photo Sites

Useful Web Apps

  • PicMonkey – Allows you to do some basic editing and manipulating of images. You don’t get a full suite of image editing tools, but PicMonkey is great for task like resizing and straightening images; adjusting the colour, contrast, and brightness; and applying some simple effects.
  • Pixlr – This is more like a traditional desktop image editor. You get more tools for selecting and manipulating images, along with a number of effects that you can apply to those images.
  • Webcamera – A quick and dirty video recorder. You can record short, Vine-like videos or longer ones. Then, download them as .mp4 files that you can post on your blog.
  • Online Voice Recorder – Like Webcamera, this is a quick and dirty recorder. Especially when you don’t have your favourite audio recording tool handy. The results might not be professional quality, but Online Voice Recorder is good enough for a quick podcast or audio message.
  • Zamzar – A Swiss Army Knife-like application that converts between dozens of video, audio, graphic, and ebook formats. The results are quite good, even with the free version of the service.
  • Online-Convert – A little quicker, but a little dirtier, than Zamzar. It doesn’t support quite as many formats as Zamzar does, but the results aren’t bad.