Zomato Benefits

What are the benefits of joining Zomato?

  • Exposure to our 330,000+ users in Auckland each month.
  • Potential traffic back to your food-related blog through spoonbacks.
  • Invites to exclusive monthly Zomato foodie meetups and events.

For food-specific bloggers:

How do I get myself added as a blogger on Zomato?

It’s really simple – please make sure you create a Zomato account, read the information and fill out the form here:

What is a Zomato Spoonback and how can it help me?

A Spoonback is an automatic link from a Zomato restaurant page to your blog post. You review the restaurant on your blog, and we’ll link to your post. The link appears in a special Blogs section on each Zomato restaurant page, your Food Journey, your profile page, and your followers’ feeds.

Why would I want to use it?

Here at Zomato, we prominently display blogger reviews related to restaurants. If you use Spoonbacks, Zomato users will see an excerpt from your review, and a link to click through to your blog. In short, you get exposure and traffic to your blog for free.

How does it work?

For all new bloggers, when we first receive a spoonback link, we manually review your blog. Once a blog is approved, then all posts for that blog will show up automatically in the blog posts section of your profile as pending blog posts. Here you are able to review your post snippet, add a rating for the restaurant as well as add photos and tag friends to your post on Zomato before publishing it.

How long will it take for my blog link to appear on Zomato?

It can take a few days for your blog to complete our approval process as there’s a verification process that involves a real person. If it has been significantly longer than that, please write to us at bloggerhelp@zomato.com and we’ll investigate.

Not all blog posts are eligible for inclusion on the site. Below are a few types of posts which fall into this category.

  • Posts without specific content about the restaurant(s), such as a list of places visited on vacation, without any details about the restaurants.
  • Posts about a one-time or private event that won’t be relevant to anyone beyond the date of the event itself.
  • Posts not based on personal experience, such as links/summaries of newspaper articles or blog posts.
  • Round-up posts that link to previous reviews, such as ‘My Top Ten of 2015’.

If you are using WordPress and have the ‘Jetpack’ plug-in, make sure to disable the ‘Photon’ feature. Photon interferes with our system’s ability to detect your spoonbacks.

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